Privacy Policy

Enhanced Online Experience Limited who owns and operates this website respects your privacy rights. This privacy policy details how and what information is collected from website users and what a user can do to modify or remove this information.


If you register a user and/or place an order on the website we will send you advertisement via email on a regular basis. To opt out of this advertisement click the opt out link at the bottom of any such email.

Anyone that visits this website will get a cookie stored which will allow us to advertise to them in their Facebook newsfeed. The cookie life time is 60-180 days depending on what pages you visit on the website. To opt out of these ads simply click the icon in the upper right corner of ad in your newsfeed and opt out.


Anyone that visits this website will also get a cookie stored that will allow us to advertise to them on the Google display network. This cookie has a life time of 30-90 days depending on what pages you visit. You can opt out of these ads in your google account ads settings.


We will never disclose your email address or any other personal details to any third party other than as required by authorities in case of legal dispute.


We will collect your ip address, name, country, phone number and email address when you register or place an order with us. If you sent a payment via PayPal we will also collect your shipping address.

We call all new customers paying with card via card or bank transfer. If you are under 18 and paying with credit card or debit card we may need to confirm order with your parents. On occasson we may ask for photocopies of id and card used with purchase with card number hidden. This is all done to minimize credit card fraud. Photocopies will be deleted from our email server as soon as they have been reviewed.